Museum and gallery staff participants completed all 6 modules of the ART&SIGNS pilot training. They gained valuable information about Deaf culture, sign language and different aspects of Deaf life.

They are now able to easily welcome Deaf visitors to museums and galleries and provide them with better access and communication. This will make Deaf people feel welcome and they can fully enjoy their visit to cultural institutions.

At the end of the pilot training we presented the participants with certificates of completion. AHOJ TV filmed the course of the training so that we could spread awareness about this useful activity.

After the pilot training, we will use the materials and feedback to improve the training materials. Once improved, we will publish them so that museum and gallery staff across Europe can benefit from the training.

We very much appreciate the participation of staff in this pilot training and believe that the ART&SIGNS initiative will make a significant contribution to the inclusion and accessibility of culture for deaf people across Europe.