On November 27, 2023 in Košice and November 30, 2023 in Veľký Šariš, the fifth and sixth modules of the ART&SIGNS pilot training took place. The participants reviewed the basics of sign language from previous modules, such as the finger alphabet or signs for greetings and introductions.

They then became familiar with advanced vocabulary/signs related to art and culture in sign language. They learned basic advanced terminology from the fields of visual arts, sculpture, architecture and other topics.

They practiced using the new vocabulary/signs in simple sentences and dialogues. They also focused on practical situations like greetings or providing information about exhibits using the learned skills.

Through repetition and new knowledge, museum and gallery staff acquired valuable competencies for effective communication with deaf visitors. They believe that thanks to the ART&SIGNS pilot training, they will be able to introduce the world of art and culture to the deaf in their own language.

Košice, 27. November 2023

Veľký Šariš, 30. November 2023