The third module of the ART&SIGNS pilot training on November 6 in Košice and November 9 in Veľký Šariš focused on introducing the culture and history of the deaf.

Participants learned about key events in deaf history and their fight for recognition of sign language. There were discussions about the specifics of deaf culture, identity and values. They understood that the deaf have their own rich culture and traditions influenced by their visual approach to the world.

An important topic was comparing deaf and hearing cultures – their common features but also differences in communication and perception of the world. Lecturers introduced notable deaf personalities who have succeeded in the film industry, arts, sports or science.

The knowledge gained about the history and culture of the deaf will help museum and gallery employees better understand this community of visitors and create a more inclusive environment for them.

Understanding the differences in communication and world perception between the deaf and hearing is the key to their successful integration and meaningful dialogue between deaf and hearing communities in cultural institutions.

The pilot training thus contributed to greater understanding of deaf culture and identity. Participants look forward to using this knowledge in practice and helping make museums and galleries more inclusive environments.

Košice, 6. 11. 2023

Veľký Šariš, 9. 11. 2023