On October 20, 2023 in Košice and November 2, 2023 in Veľký Šariš, the second module of the ART&SIGNS pilot training for museum and gallery staff focusing on communication with deaf visitors was held.

Participants became familiar with the basics of verbal and non-verbal communication and specifics of communication with the deaf. There were discussions about challenges and risks of verbal communication with the deaf and participants received valuable tips on how to improve mutual understanding.

Emphasis was placed on active listening, respect, patience and using simple sentences when communicating with deaf visitors.

In addition to communication skills, strategies and measures for greater inclusion and accessibility of museums and galleries were also discussed, such as providing sign language interpreters or organizing special events for the deaf.

Museum and gallery staff especially appreciated the practical approach of the ART&SIGNS pilot training. They look forward to soon putting the gained knowledge to use when working with deaf visitors and helping them communicate more effectively and make the world of art and culture more accessible.

Košice, 20. October 2023

Veľký Šariš, 2. November 2023