We do this innovatively, professionally and with a view to their highest quality development.

Innovative and productive solutions for the development of sign language users


We provide comprehensive support to organizations of various types, bringing together youth and adult sign language users, such as civic associations, non-profit organizations, etc. Our credentials reach both European and domestic level. We have a wealth of experience in the field of human resources management and logistic-technical solutions.

Sometimes it happens that an organization of deaf sign language users is small and has some difficulty getting off the ground or has difficulty communicating with the hearing counterpart and needs help. That’s where we come in.

Understanding is our privilege. If an organisation is suffering from a lack of staff to carry out tasks or projects, you can turn to us. We can provide a deaf sign language user project manager, organization development services, remove barriers to communication, offer project management and project plan consultation, we also seek solutions to the time management challenges of the staff involved in organizations. We provide professional and effective support for your organization and staff.

We are also dedicated to the hearing society.

We are open to project partnerships in areas where we feel “at home”, such as the topics of deaf, sign language, inclusion, etc. If there is a request from hearing people to create an inclusive environment or project, we are ready to provide advice and consultation in this area as well.

We educate.

We are dedicated to the education and personal development of young and adult sign language users, whether they are deaf, hard of hearing, people with hearing disabilities or even interpreters. We also focus on schools for the deaf attended by students and pupils who are sign language users.

We provide professional educational materials. Innovative.

We are able to provide our solutions than ks to foreign partners within the Erasmus+ programme, which focuses on education, and other projects or cooperation with various organisations with whom we have worked on many educational projects in the past.


We support various groups, non-profit organizations and civic associations of young people and adults who are sign language users. This category includes deaf, hard of hearing, interpreters and also the young people who have various other disabilities and are proficient in sign language.

Nowadays, young people and adults have enriching ideas, but would sometimes accept guidance and support in their implementation. And that’s why we are here. We want to be there for them, to support them and help them to overcome the difficulties in realizing their goals. We understand them and offer our years of experience in project management, both domestic and international. We have experience in implementing many projects from the inception phase to successful completion.

Our intention is to create innovative and productive solutions for the development of sign language users. Our company strives to support young and adult sign language users in their growth and development, to help pass on to youth, adults and organizations the right tools needed to help them grow. The next journey, the continuation is then up to them. That’s how our logo depicts it – a few steps together, then they need to step out on their own. The colour green is a symbol of growth, development and wishing success. This is the vision of our company that we want to develop. To be partners with sign language users and also with organisations that (co-)work with sign language users.

Our services:

  • Project management
  • Project office
  • Providing technology/techniques to solve problems
  • Organizational consultation and inclusion for youth and adult sign language users and the deaf

Our target group is young and adult sign language users, whom we help to grow, develop, support their activities and remove obstacles or barriers they encounter in different groups and organisations.

We are characterized by consistency that leads to the fulfillment of the goal. Exactly in the spirit of our company logo, which symbolizes the gradual steps leading to the achievement of goals.

We do it innovatively, professionally and with a view to their highest quality development.

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