Within the framework of the Erasmus+ funded project “Improving health literacy of deaf adults through innovative methodologies” (IDEAL), the first working meeting took place on 16-17 May 2023. Partners from Slovakia, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain and Hungary gathered for the two-day event hosted by the main coordinator Innosign in Prešov.

The aim of this first transnational project meeting was to introduce the partner organizations, align project management procedures, discuss work packages and expected results, and establish contacts between collaborators.

During intensive meetings, partners outlined the needs of the deaf community in their countries and provided feedback on the planned project outputs including a handbook, curricula, awareness videos, and a web platform. Opportunities for piloting innovative teaching methodologies and raising awareness of healthcare professionals were identified.

Although budget constraints, accessibility issues, and clarifying the timeline posed challenges, the meeting fostered a spirit of collaborative problem-solving that will continue. Open communication channels between partners will be key.

The successful launch of the project on 16-17 May laid a solid foundation for the partnership over the next two years. Stay tuned for further updates on how the work packages will be implemented and the results brought to life. The aim is to increase health literacy of deaf adults through innovative approaches and inclusive best practices.