Innosign recently participated in the training “Let’s talk about mental health” in Bratislava on 21st-24th September 2022. This training was organized by the Slovak national agency and lasted four days. It was intended for psychologists, social workers, teachers, students and project managers.

Junior manager Oliver Krajčír decided to participate because the topic of mental health is very important for their target group of deaf people. The deaf currently have limited access to information and support in this area and Innosign wants to improve their awareness and support.

Innosign was excited about the opportunity to participate in this training and gain new insights into mental health that they can pass on to the deaf community. During the training, they met many interesting people and experts. Together they covered various topics like the current situation in mental healthcare, social and mental aspects, cyberbullying, sexting and more.

Especially valuable for Innosign was the presentation by the IPčko civil association, which provides psychological help and prevention. From their presentation, Innosign gained valuable information and advice for working with the deaf.

The whole training greatly enriched Innosign and inspired them to create a project about mental health specifically for the deaf. We believe the knowledge gained can be used when handing over the Erasmus+ project, where we will use the information for the deaf and signing community thanks to the training, and contribute to better mental health of signers. The training was a first step in this effort and Innosign looks forward to future activities.