Representatives of the company Innosign recently attended the second international meeting of the CPI2.0 (Career Path Inclusive 2.0) project, which took place on 7-8 September, 2023 in Turin, Italy. The meeting was hosted by our partner, the Istituto dei sordi di Torino (IST).

Partners from across Europe joined, including DeafStudio (Slovakia), equalizent (Austria), Turkoois (Netherlands), and representatives from Innosign (Slovakia).

Innosign’s director, Marek Kanaš, and junior project manager, Oliver Krajčír, traveled to Turin for the productive two-day meeting.

The key events for our team included:

  • A tour of IST facilities and gathering information about their programs to support the deaf community in Italy.
  • Leading an evaluation meeting for the career exploration videos created so far. We received feedback from all partners based on meetings with their work and focus groups. This will help us improve the videos before finalizing them.
  • Participating in a dynamic brainstorming session to create content for modules in the educational program that Innosign will develop in the field of career counseling and assessment strategies.
  • Aligning with the entire project team on the next steps and timeline for piloting the vocational training curriculum and completing the remaining outputs.

The progress made at this meeting has energized us, and we look forward to continuing our work to strengthen the position of the Deaf youth throughout Europe. We thank IST for hosting us in Turin!

The CPI2.0 project has entered its final year. Innosign is motivated to deliver impactful results, including career exploration videos and educational curricula for career advisors working with Deaf youth. We believe this project has great potential to improve employment outcomes for the Deaf community.