The aim of the ART&SIGNS training in Iasi, Romania 🇷🇴 (4.7. – 10.7. 2022) was to achieve through an educational activity:

  • increase the capacity of the partners’ staff and professionals to work actively with adult learners;
  • the creation of a transnational core group with a common mindset;
  • increase the quality of results and the homogeneity of transnational outcomes.

The training will increase the capacity of staff to work with adult learners, create a transnational group of qualified trainers who will share practices and experiences, peer review approaches within the project.

The training in Romania has been successfully completed and all the necessary materials have been inserted into the curriculum. For its continued development until the end of 2022, TUCEP – IT 🇮🇹 is the lead organisation together with seven organisations from SK 🇸🇰, IT 🇮🇹, CY 🇨🇾, RO 🇷🇴, NL 🇳🇱 and ES 🇪🇸. This pilot version of the curriculum will then be used by partners in each country to train 15 staff from their partner museums.