The IDEAL project is actively working to improve the health literacy of people with hearing impairment and this effort is reflected in the second international meeting of the IDEAL project.

The IDEAL (Increasing Deaf Adult Health Literacy) project aims to address the lack of accessible health information for deaf adults across Europe. As part of this exciting initiative, the second transnational meeting of the IDEAL project (IDEAL TPM 2) took place in Perugia, Italy, on 10-11 January 2024.


Innosign Director Marek Kanas attended the meeting in person, together with Project Officer and Social Manager Diana Majerčáková, who joined online. The two-day agenda covered updates on progress and next steps in the project’s work packages on resource development and training to increase health literacy for deaf people.

According to the project website, IDEAL will create a comprehensive educator’s guide, interactive blended learning materials, sign language awareness videos, and a web platform to house these resources. By improving communication access and providing tailored information on health topics, the project seeks to empower deaf adults to make informed health care decisions and improve their well-being.

IDEAL TPM 2 helped solidify plans for an educator’s guide, training events, knowledge gap mapping, and building an online platform. Partners such as CNSE and IRR are leading efforts to identify the health literacy needs of deaf adults. Other specialised organisations from Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic and Hungary are contributing their expertise.

Innosign is proud to support this pioneering project that promotes inclusion and accessibility for the Deaf community. The outputs of the IDEAL project will provide important tools to address the barriers that deaf adults currently face in managing their health.

We look forward to continuing our involvement in the project over the next two years. Be sure to visit the IDEAL Project website to learn more, and stay tuned here for updates!