We are honored to announce that Richard Demčák has joined the Innosign team as a video and media editing technician and also as a project worker. Richard brings years of experience gained at DeafStudio, where he has been involved in the creation of thousands of videos. His video editing experience is very important to us because sign language is visual and videos are invaluable to our Deaf and sign language users community. Richard’s dual role will ensure that our projects are technically excellent and well managed.

Richard will look after video editing, media processing and the technical aspects of our projects to ensure that all our outputs are of the highest quality. With his expertise and passion for technology, Richard will bring new capabilities and innovation to the Innosign team.

Commenting on Richard’s arrival, Marek Kanas, Director and Owner of Innosign, said:

Richard’s contribution will be an important part of our journey towards innovation and quality. We are confident that with his technical skills and dedication, together we will push the boundaries and achieve new successes. We look forward to co-creating a future where Richard’s expertise will shine and lead us to new heights. We look forward to his achievements and are committed to supporting his growth within Innosign.

We salute Richard Demčák and look forward to a successful collaboration!