Welcome to our website 👋🏻 😊 https://www.innosign.eu/

This website will inform you bilingually (Slovak 🇸🇰 and English 🇬🇧) about our activities not only in Slovakia but also in Europe.

You can see how Innosign creates different partnership projects related to the development of sign language users.

Innosign’s goal is to support sign language users 👐🏻, especially youth, adults, civic associations, non-profit organizations, etc. We try to help resolve various situations in sign language users 👐🏻 organisations, which often encounter communication barriers from hearing people when carrying out their tasks or projects. We are able to provide synergy in various projects in terms of education and also in other areas.

For interest. The Innosign logo, you will have noticed, is green in colour and is a symbol of growth, development and a wish for success. It means we strive to support the messengers 👐🏻 in their growth and in the development of their needs.

You can also follow this page on social media, which we have linked to Facebook: facebook.com/innosign.eu, Instagram: instagram.com/innosign.eu, Twitter: twitter.com/innosign_eu, LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/72691153, Telegram: t.me/innosign and YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxXjhiInnFSjME9hEo2MR3g