Innosign is a partner of the Erasmus+ funded project Financial Signs. This European project aims to develop financial skills training for deaf youth in Austrian Sign Language, Hungarian Sign Language, Italian Sign Language, Slovak Sign Language and International Sign Language.

The project has three main components:

  • A clickable map: we are creating a digital map showing financial services, training and information available to Deaf people in sign language. The map includes best practices in Austria, Hungary, Italy and Slovakia.
  • Video Toolkit: We create animated videos in national sign languages that explain 10 different topics on financial skills. The videos are fully accessible with signing, subtitles, plain language text and a list of sign language vocabulary.
  • Blended Learning Training: We are developing financial skills training for deaf youth workers. This includes a week-long workshop and pilot training with 40 deaf young people.

At Innosign, we are contributing our expertise in sign language animation and accessible e-learning to help develop a suite of video tools and online training materials. Financial Signs combines our strengths in sign language, technology and education to empower deaf youth.