Innosign provided project management for DeafStudio on this project.

Good day to you!

We are a group of people from 7 organizations in 6 European countries. You can find our names on our website. Together we are the team behind the Deaf Museums project. The project will be funded by the EU, the starting date is 1 October 2020.

Our motivation? We think it is important that people work together to preserve the Deaf Heritage, Deaf History. And not only preserve, also: protect, display and share!

Why? Because it is important for everyone to look back, to look around, to look forward. To remember how things were, before. To learn about important people, important events in the past. Why? Because this helps us understand the present.

It is just as important to preserve and share how things are NOW to help Deaf people, now and in the future, to understand their lives, their culture, their world. History is important. It helps us understand ourselves, our communities, our world.

What will we do? Our team will produce a number of ‘good examples’ to show what we, you, everyone can do to preserve and share the Deaf Heritage. On our website, we will tell you what we did and why, about what was, or was not successful. We will discuss everything with experienced museum professionals. Together, we will use this to produce a basic course in museum skills: a ‘cookbook’ for people who want to help preserve the Deaf Heritage.

What can you do? Please visit our website and our Facebook page and come back often. Become inspired by our project, replicate our good examples, produce new good examples yourselves. Find people to start your own “Deaf Museum”, big, small, or tiny, real or on the internet. And share your experiences, with us, with the world!

Let’s protect and share the Deaf Heritage, Deaf History together!